It's Not Just Storage... It's a Lifestyle!


Sometimes what you love just doesn’t work well in your home.
The wife doesn’t like it. Kids shouldn’t be around it. Or it’s just none of the neighbors business.
Dove Valley agrees! Whether your passion is fine cigars, a massive wine collection, or you simply
like to play poker with the boys every week until the sun comes up, we understand what you want...AND have what you need!

No noise problems, no closing hours, no space restrictions, no nosey neighbors, we have facilities available now that will allow you to live the life want and actually enjoy it without worry.

  • Your space is available to you 24/7/365
  • State-of-the-art motion sensitive security cameras
  • Daily onsite manager
  • Covenant protected
  • Units available to buy or rent
  • 400-2000 sq. feet units available
  • 20’ of headspace - add a loft/lift and increase your usable footage
  • Insulated R30 ceiling/R19 walls/ /Optional Heating
  • 14' automatic overhead access doors
  • Electrical outlets and lights - 220 available
  • Phone and internet connections
  • Trash collection provided