Open Parking Storage


Dove Valley Storage Facilty: Indoor Custom Condo, Outdoor Surface, Self Storage options, mancaves

Storage for your RV, Boat and Cars

How different can it be? you ask...A LOT is the answer! We're not talking
about just an outside pad to park your car, boat or RV, we're talking about an
engineered, lighted, all night/overnight compound.

We use a microchip-encrypted access card systems. There are no keypads or codes to forget and no one can just "guess and go".


During normal business hours - 8am-5pm Monday through Saturday - access is unrestricted but monitored by an on-site manager.

After hours we utilize a security monitoring company to watch over who goes in and out of the gate. This is not your normal self-storage security offering; its 31 elaborate, fail-safe, sensor-protected and 24 hour monitored motion sensitive, 12x zoom, fixed-mounted cameras, on a perimeter fence system (our little fortress, if you will!) If someone is too close to the perimeter fence, or if the fence is cut or compromised in any way, the system automatically alerts the manger and monitoring company. The intruder is then located by our cameras and a speaker system warns the potential security threat to move away. 911 is contacted if the warning is not obeyed and the Arapahoe County Sheriff is notified (the office is less than a mile away).

Safe enough for you? Safe enough for your stuff?

Not Just Storage!

But the differences do not stop there. Dove Valley offers trash service, on site restrooms, vacs AND, for our RV tenants, a DUMP STATION so you can come and go directly from the lot.

Any more questions? Call us.
Any reason you can think of that you shouldn't be one of our tenants? Call us, because we're always ready to improve.

Pricing and Availability

We offer 20 foot all the way up to 60 foot parking spots. Our parking spots will be able to accommodate just about any sized vehicle! Please call us for pricing and availability.